New Wellness Rewards Program Coming Soon!

It’s coming…a new and exciting wellbeing program will be available to Local 689 members to help improve or sustain your total wellbeing. There will be new ways to earn points with a focus on all areas of wellbeing including financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

The new program will include:

  • An integrated work/life and wellness program

  • Access to personal health coaches in areas such as tobacco, stress, nutrition, and weight management

  • Legal and financial support services

 And much more! Check back for additional details. Questions? Contact the wellness team at: 





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Do my spouse and I need to sign up for Medicare?

When you or your spouse becomes eligible for Medi­care, you should enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. For most people, enrollment in Medicare Part A is automatic (there is no premium) when you start receiving benefits from Social Security. You should sign up for Medicare Part B with the Social Security office three months before turning 65. Your monthly premium to Medicare for Part B will be deducted from your Social Security check.

When you become eligible, you are not required to enroll in Medicare Part B, but benefits will be paid by the Plan as if you are enrolled. This means that, if you do not enroll, you or your spouse will have higher expenses because you will be responsible for paying for the benefits Medicare Part B would have covered. After you submit evidence of your Part B enrollment for yourself or your dependent, your HEALTH & WELFARE Plan premium will be reduced. For more information, visit the "If You Become Eligible for Medicare" section on the Life Events page.

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