Random Step Goal Days

Need more steps to count towards your health insurance premium discount? Here's your chance for those who are active in 689 Moving Me - powered by Fitbit!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and the Fitbit platform for random days to meet these step goals. You will have ONE day to meet these goals for your chance to win a Fitbit Aria 2 scale or the newest Fitbit Charge 3. Five winners will be selected the next day. 

Be sure to charge your Fitbit devices and don't forget to walk your way!

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My girlfriend just had a baby. Can I add the child to our plan?

Yes, as long as the newborn child is your natural child, your legally adopted child, or you are the child’s legal guardian. If your girlfriend is covered under the Plan as your domestic partner, your child may also be added to the Plan. You’ll need to show documents of proof to the Health & Welfare Plan Office. For more information on dependent eligibility, see Eligibility for Your Spouse and Children.

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