Learn Healthy Ways To Meal Prep For The Week!

689 Moving Metro has partnered with Food Jonezi to bring you the best in nutrition!

Join this interactive session to learn how to make delicious salads for lunch or dinner! Limited to 15-20 participants at each site (first come basis). 

Where: Operator's Lounge

Time: 12 Noon

Dates and Divisions

3/12 - Montgomery Bus Division

3/19 - Shepherd Parkway

3/26 - Four Mile Run

Salad Jar Demo Flyer Revised

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I am a rehire. When will my insurance begin?

If you are a METRO employee and a participant in the Plan, but you leave your METRO employment, lose your eligibility for Plan coverage, and then return to work for METRO at a later date, you will be treated a s a new METRO employee.

You will be asked to complete enrollment forms. Before the end of your probation period, you will receive information from the Health & Welfare Plan about the benefit choices available to you. You must return those forms to the Health & Welfare Plan by the date indicated. Full-time employees who do not make a selection will automatically be enrolled for single coverage in the default HMO (Kaiser), and the Cigna Dental HMO.

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