Re-Create These Salt-Free Seasonings To Flavor Your Food!

Do you suffer from high blood pressure or looking for alternative ways to season your food? Then it's time for you to break up with salt. Check out the video below for three salt-free seasonings you can try at home! 

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When is Open Enrollment?

Beginning in 2016, Each November, you have the option to change your benefit plan, add or remove dependents or add or change your supplemental life insurance option. You will receive an Enrollment Guide and a Statement of Benefits to help you make your benefits choices. This is the only time of the year you can make changes to your benefits choices, unless you experience a change in status.

To make changes, you’ll need to complete an Enrollment Form and submit it to the Plan Office. Your changes will be effective the following January 1. For more information, see the Enrollment section of the Open Enrollment page.

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