689 Transformations: Sonja Jones' Story

Sonja Jones hardly exercised. The Human Resources Benefits Operations Manager said she would do some walking but was never consistent. She took blood pressure medication and did not practice healthy eating. It was not until a trip to her doctor that she started to look at her health differently.  

Jones was diagnosed with diabetes in January. She learned that her A1C level was at a staggering 10.5. Her doctor started her off with medication and asked about her goals in the next six months.   

“I said to get off this medication you’re getting ready to put me on,” Jones said.  

The thought of having diabetes became her motivation, but there was one problem: she didn’t know where to start. She asked Juanita Hawkins, 689 Moving Metro Wellness Program Manager for help after speaking to a co-worker about her diagnosis. Hawkins encouraged her to make small improvements in order to have a big impact on her A1C levels. She also enlisted the help of Worksite Wellness Specialist Brandon Graves, but she did not stop there. 

689 Moving Me – Powered by Fitbit became a source of accountability. It was completely free for Jones to opt-in and she was able to track her movement throughout the day. She also joined step challenges and sent messages to her peers. The Fitbit platform gave Jones a boost to remain consistent towards her goals and share her own story.  

“Even though I have support at home, it’s not the same thing as if someone is doing it with you,” Jones said.  

There wouldn’t be a health journey without some obstacles and soon enough, Jones hit a wall. Her A1C level began to rise again, but she couldn’t pinpoint the cause. It was time to enlist more help – this time from her insurance provider CareFirst. Members can utilize a variety of services their insurance provides as part of their benefits through TEHW. For Jones, it was health coaching.  She met with her coach for about 40 days and together they realized she was going too long without eating. The health coach recommended healthy snacks between meals and a snack before bed. Jones saw major improvements.  

Her A1C level dropped to 7.1 in just three months. Her blood pressure improved, and she lost 10 pounds. She attributes her success by walking, improving her diet and using the free resources from 689 Moving Metro. She aspires to lose more weight but is currently focused on lowering her A1C level and eliminating her need for medication.  

To learn more about 689 Moving Metro and the services they provide, contact Wellness Program Manager Juanita Hawkins at: 202-678-9887 or email wellness@tehw.org. 

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