Partner With Your Doctor

Committing to a plan to control high blood pressure (HBP) is important – but it doesn’t always come easily. Partnering with your doctor is the key to finding a routine that you can actually stick with. Let your doctor know what’s making it tough to stick with your treatment plan (such as a busy schedule, finding time for exercise, or the cost of medication).

Before The Appointment

Take Note Of:

  • How have you been feeling?
  • Is anything preventing you from sticking to your current plan?
  • Any changes in your blood pressure?
  • Any side effects from any medication or symptoms?
  • How do you treat your side effects and/or symptoms?
  • What questions or concerns do you have for your doctor?


  • List of all your medicines (including OTC, vitamins, and herbs)
  • Pen and paper or recording device
  • The right mindset:
    • Be your own health advocate
    • Identify a meaningful goal for why you want to improve your health

During The Appointment

  • Ask questions
  • Write things down
  • Understand your blood pressure numbers

After the Appointment

  • Take your medication
  • Keep track of: 
    • Your medication and usage
    • How you’re feeling: side effects, energy levels, etc.
    • Questions you have for your doctor
    • Your blood pressure numbers

Commit to a Blood Pressure Treatment Plan


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I have other coverage. Can I opt out of Plan coverage?

Yes, if you are a full-time METRO employee or working under the supplemental collective bargaining agreement (the “New Service Agreement”), you may be eligible to opt out of coverage and receive a cash payment amount. You will need to provide proof that you have coverage from a source other than METRO. For more information on opting out of coverage, visit the "Election of Cash Payment/Waiver of Coverage" section on the Enrollment page.

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