Partner With Your Doctor

Committing to a plan to control high blood pressure (HBP) is important – but it doesn’t always come easily. Partnering with your doctor is the key to finding a routine that you can actually stick with. Let your doctor know what’s making it tough to stick with your treatment plan (such as a busy schedule, finding time for exercise, or the cost of medication).

Before The Appointment

Take Note Of:

  • How have you been feeling?
  • Is anything preventing you from sticking to your current plan?
  • Any changes in your blood pressure?
  • Any side effects from any medication or symptoms?
  • How do you treat your side effects and/or symptoms?
  • What questions or concerns do you have for your doctor?


  • List of all your medicines (including OTC, vitamins, and herbs)
  • Pen and paper or recording device
  • The right mindset:
    • Be your own health advocate
    • Identify a meaningful goal for why you want to improve your health

During The Appointment

  • Ask questions
  • Write things down
  • Understand your blood pressure numbers

After the Appointment

  • Take your medication
  • Keep track of: 
    • Your medication and usage
    • How you’re feeling: side effects, energy levels, etc.
    • Questions you have for your doctor
    • Your blood pressure numbers

Commit to a Blood Pressure Treatment Plan


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Do I have to come into the Health and Welfare Office to make changes?

You do not need to come into the Health and Welfare Office for every change. Open Enrollment forms and election forms may be mailed to the office. If documentation is required, however, (e.g., birth certificate, social security cards, proof of other coverage) you may need to supply those documents directly to the office for authentication purposes.   

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