Introducing 689 Moving Me

689 Moving Metro is excited to announce our partnership with Fitbit to help our members track their activity and overall health data. When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, tracking your step count is just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day – including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep – all to keep you motivated and see how small steps can make a big impact on your health.


How Do I Benefit?

Turn your everyday steps into a fun path for fitness:

By partnering with Fitbit, we are taking action to encourage physical activity, which has been linked to helping fight high rates of chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Robust scientific evidence shows that physical activity is critical for both preventing and treating these conditions; walking is one simple, yet impactful way to improve your fitness level.


Compete With Your Fellow Co-workers, Family, and Friends:

Earn rewards and incentives--the more you participate in the program the higher your reward levels for earning discounts off your health insurance premiums quarterly!

Additionally, you can be entered in raffles for fun prizes such as spa retreats, amusement park tickets, weight watchers’ online memberships, and much more!


Eligible Members Can Get A Discount For As Low As $5!

We know that everyone’s approach to fitness is different. One-size-fits-all doesn’t always fit you. That’s why we’re offering Fitbit’s family of products that work seamlessly with each other, and your personal goals at a discounted price!

Active Local 689 members and Pre-65 retirees have access to our custom storefront.


Join our 689 Moving Me Community! 

Get support and motivation on your path to better health and fitness. Cheer on your co-workers or playfully tease them when you surpass them during a challenge! "Like" our Facebook page and keep us updated on your progress!


Already Have a Fitbit?

Awesome! Even if you don’t purchase your Fitbit through our storefront, you are eligible to participate in the program. Be on the lookout for more information on how you can join.


Prefer To Use The Mobile App Instead Of A Device?

No problem! You can use the Fitbit app without a Fitbit device by using your phone’s sensors to track basic activity data including steps, distance, and calories burned. Download the Fitbit app for your phone’s store (Apple, Google Play, or Microsoft store) and tap “Join Fitbit.” Select “No Fitbit Yet?” and follow the MobileTrack instructions.

 *MobileTrack does not track floors, sleep, or active minutes.


Need Some Additional Motivation?

We’ll be running team and individual based activity challenges in 2019 -- many of which will include some great prizes and incentives! Be on the lookout for more details about our first step challenge and how you can put your new device to great use.

***Please note: 689 Moving Metro will need the email address associated with your Fitbit account to invite you to our platform. Please send to:


Questions? Concerns? We’re all ears! Please reach out to

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My girlfriend just had a baby. Can I add the child to our plan?

Yes, as long as the newborn child is your natural child, your legally adopted child, or you are the child’s legal guardian. If your girlfriend is covered under the Plan as your domestic partner, your child may also be added to the Plan. You’ll need to show documents of proof to the Health & Welfare Plan Office. For more information on dependent eligibility, see Eligibility for Your Spouse and Children.

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