Our Ambassadors For The 689 Moving Metro Wellness Program

The efforts of the Wellness Champions are greatly appreciated and extremely important to the success of the wellness program.

They serve as a resource for the 689 Moving Metro Wellness Program. They also promote the program/events by actively encouraging colleagues to participate. Champions assist with the coordination and planning of wellness programs/events at their Division.

Here are our 2018 Wellness Champs! You may see them at your division!


Brian Napper Four Mile Run Bus Operator
Melissa Wooten Greenbelt Rail Operator
Anitra Bostick West Ox Bus Operator
Jamaal Gills Bladensburg Bus Operator
Tee Poland Shady Grove Custodian
Roxie Jefferson Shepherd Parkway Depot Clerk
David Hart Glenmont Station Manager
Doreon Vauss Sr. SAMS (Telegraph Road) Mechanic

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I am on Workers’ Compensation. Can I get disability benefits, too?

While you are collecting Workers’ Compensation, you are not eligible to receive short-term disability benefits from the Plan. However, you are eligible to apply for long-term disability benefits six months after your injury. Any long-term disability benefit you receive will be reduced by your Workers’ Compensation and other forms of income. For many reasons, it is to your advantage to apply for long-term disability benefits. Call the Health & Welfare Plan office if you have any questions.

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