The Key To A Healthier Lunchbox Is Balance

Whether you’re at school or work, a healthy lunch gives you energy and helps your focus and concentration. The key is balance—just choose something from each category and enjoy!

Check out the flyer below for tips on how to create a healthy lunch for the entire family!

5 Steps To A Healthier Lunchbox 1 1

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I want to work part-time. What happens to my medical coverage?

If you transfer from a full-time to a part-time position, you will have to pay more out-of-pocket to continue your medical coverage. Medical, vision and dental coverage are not mandatory for part-time employees. You have the option to discontinue your coverage if you become a part-time employee. You will return to the Plan as soon as The Health and Welfare office is notified of your return to full-time status.

Part-time employees can choose to pay monthly for coverage through the Health & Welfare Plan. All part-time employees (except for New Service Agreement employees and re-hired retired employees) receive long-term disability and life insurance coverage. For more information, visit the Enrollment page.

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