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Ready. Set. Go365!! Say hello to your personalized wellness program. 

With the new year approaching, 689 Moving Metro has decided to make changes to our wellness program to better serve our members. Our program has decided to end the partnership with Virgin Pulse to offer a more comprehensive wellness program beginning January 2018!

689 Moving Metro is excited to announce our new partnership with Humana! This new partnership will expand the services, programs, and resources available to our members to help fulfill the mission of our program.                                                             

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There will be two components to the program: 

Moving Metro Work & Life Solutions

This program will be available to all active Local 689 Members and Pre-Medicare Retirees. In addition, these services will also be available to members of your household and will be kept completely confidential for both you and your family.

Here are some examples of services that will become available through the work & life program:

  • Short term counseling on topics such as stress, marital issues, grief/loss, and much more!
  • Available via video, online, and telephonic
  • 24/7 access
  • Legal & Financial Assistance

**No registration is required for this component. Members will receive the universal user name and password prior to the 1/1/18 launch! 


Go365 Wellness Program (available to active Local 689 Members and Pre-Medicare Retirees)

This program will support your efforts to pursue a healthier lifestyle by creating a personalized wellness strategy based on your goals. Members will be able to create goals, track your progress, and earn rewards!

Members will need to register for this program to participate in the following services:

  • Health Coaching on topics such as tobacco cessation, blood sugar management, healthy eating, etc. (confidential)
  • Connection to over 75+ Fitness Devices
  • Health Assessment (confidential)
  • Online portal & mobile app
  • Community Support
  • Point based system
  • Jackpot prizes
  • And much more!


                                                          Interested? Click on the button below to sign up! 

Join the Go365 Program!


Questions? Contact the wellness team at 


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Who do I call if I want to change doctors?

To change doctors you should call your health care provider (e.g., CareFirst, Kaiser etc.) or visit them online.

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