689 Moving Metro Wellness Program Star Players

We are excited to share these success stories from participants in our wellness program! We hope you enjoy and find inspiration in their stories. Thank you to each participant for being willing to share with us.

Do you have healthy living goals you want to work toward? See how our 689 Moving Metro wellness program can help, read more HERE.

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Maurice Stevens WSP Best

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My spouse and I are legally separated. Can I remove my spouse from my coverage?

Your spouse’s coverage ends if you get divorced or if your marriage is annulled. If you are separated but still legally married, your spouse is still covered. You can remover him or her during the annual open enrollment.  Your domestic partner loses coverage when your relationship no longer meets the criteria for a domestic partner relationship.

If you and your spouse are divorced, you should notify the Health & Welfare Plan Office immediately. If you fail to remove your divorced spouse from the Plan, you could be liable for any expenses claimed by your former spouse after the date of the divorce. For more information, see the Life Events page.

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