Virtual Step Challenge: Tour of DC

Coming in October: are you up for some healthy competition?

Grab your activity tracker, create a team or join a team and join the challenge!

*All team members must be an active member of 689 and get your benefits through the Transit Employees Health and Welfare Office

Race around the center of American politics in the “Tour of D.C.” virtual step challenge. Teams of up to 5 players will compete against each other.

I already have an account with Virgin Pulse through 689 Moving Metro…

  • Sign up for the challenge starting Monday October 12th through your Virgin Pulse account. Log in at: (use Google Chrome for your search engine)
  • Your username is your email address and the password is what you set when you originally registered for the Virgin Pulse program.
  • Need assistance accessing your account? Call membership services during normal business hours at: 1-888-671-9395 (Your sponsor is 689 Moving Metro)

I don’t have an account with Virgin Pulse through 689 Moving Metro yet…

  • Enroll for your Virgin Pulse account and FREE activity tracker at: (Use Google Chrome for your search engine!)
  • Then you can join the challenge on October 12th!
  • Challenge Starts October 26th and ends November 22nd

The victors will be the team with the most steps at the end of the challenge and there will be prizes!

  • For every member who signs up for the challenge $10.00 will be entered into the prize jack pot up to $3500.00!*
  • The top three teams will win Visa gift cards. Amounts to be determined at the end of the challenge, based on the amount of participants.

*Please note: prizes are taxable.

For More Information email:

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How does the Spousal Credit work?

The 2012 collective bargaining agreement permits employees to receive a credit of up to $1,200 if their spouse opts out of the Transit Employees’ Health & Welfare Plan’s health insurance program. It can only be used as a credit against medical and dental benefit expenses incurred as a Participant in the Plan. You must elect the spousal credit option each year.

Up to $100 per month will be applied to reduce the cost of your medical and dental insurance. It cannot be applied to reduce the cost of any supplemental life insurance you may have elected or of any other voluntary benefit.


Your plan requires a monthly contribution of $80 toward single coverage and $208 toward family coverage. Here is how the credit will work:

  • For a family with only employee and spouse coverage, the spousal credit would change your plan from family to single (from $208 to $80) and the credit would further reduce the monthly contribution for single coverage ($80) to zero.
  • For a family with employee, spouse and children coverage, the spousal credit would not change your family plan coverage ($208), but it would reduce the $208 amount you pay to $108 (the maximum credit of $100 per month).

This credit is available to employees and retirees, but cannot be combined with the employee opt-out payment. This credit is available only if the employee or retiree remains covered in the Transit Employees Health and Welfare program.

You can only elect the spousal credit option during the annual open enrollment period, usually in May of each year. It will be effective for your premiums for the following July 1st. Download the Spousal Credit form here.

If you have more questions, please contact the Health and Welfare Plan Office.

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