2016 Wellness Rewards Program

Transit Employees Health and Welfare Fund and the 689 Moving Metro Wellness Program is excited to announce that starting January 1, 2016 eligible members can save up to $260 a year by participating in our wellness program! This is a program available to active members of Transit Employees Health and Welfare Fund through our partnership with Virgin Pulse.

You can participate in a quarterly wellness game and earn points for healthy behaviors. As you earn points you earn rewards through health insurance premium discounts and “Pulse Cash”.

Each year you can earn up to $160.00 in health insurance premium discounts and an additional $100.00 in “Pulse Cash”. Rewards are fulfilled on a quarterly basis in accordance with points earned.

Rewards Levels

What is “Pulse Cash”?

Pulse cash is an electronic currency that members can access through their Virgin Pulse account and cash in for a gift card of their choice; elect to have it deposited directly into their bank account or can spend in the Virgin Pulse online store.

How will I receive my premium credit?

Wellness Premium Creditswill be processed automatically through payroll and will show up as a lower health insurance premium in your paycheck NOT a separate line item.

You will be able to view the credits once they are processed in the Transit Employees Health and Welfare Portal under payment history. It will be labeled “wellness premium credit” for the amounts of $5.00, $15.00 or $40.00 depending on what you earned that quarter.

How do I earn points?

There are several ways to earn points through the Virgin Pulse program including…

  • Complete daily healthy living cards
  • Use healthy habits trackers
  • Upload your daily steps
  • Tell us your interests
  • Use Myfitnesspal to track your nutrition each day
  • Upload profile picture
  • Complete “nicotine free agreement”
  • Take your measurements like blood pressure and weight using our Health Stations
  • For more information, watch the following video 

How do I sign up?

  • If you are currently enrolled will automatically be earning these new rewards starting January 1st 2016.
  • To access your existing account visit: app.member.virginpulse.com 
  • If you are enrolled in the program but have forgotten their log in information or need further assistance they can call Virgin Pulse membership services at 1-888-671-9395 for assistance. Their “sponsor” is 689 Moving Metro
  • If you are new to the program, you can register for your Virgin Pulse account at join.virginpulse.com/689movingmetro
  • While supplies last members who contact wellness@tehw.org after registering can receive a FREE “Max” activity tracker.


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How does the Spousal Credit work?

The 2012 collective bargaining agreement permits employees to receive a credit of up to $1,200 if their spouse opts out of the Transit Employees’ Health & Welfare Plan’s health insurance program. It can only be used as a credit against medical and dental benefit expenses incurred as a Participant in the Plan. You must elect the spousal credit option each year.

Up to $100 per month will be applied to reduce the cost of your medical and dental insurance. It cannot be applied to reduce the cost of any supplemental life insurance you may have elected or of any other voluntary benefit.


Your plan requires a monthly contribution of $80 toward single coverage and $208 toward family coverage. Here is how the credit will work:

  • For a family with only employee and spouse coverage, the spousal credit would change your plan from family to single (from $208 to $80) and the credit would further reduce the monthly contribution for single coverage ($80) to zero.
  • For a family with employee, spouse and children coverage, the spousal credit would not change your family plan coverage ($208), but it would reduce the $208 amount you pay to $108 (the maximum credit of $100 per month).

This credit is available to employees and retirees, but cannot be combined with the employee opt-out payment. This credit is available only if the employee or retiree remains covered in the Transit Employees Health and Welfare program.

You can only elect the spousal credit option during the annual open enrollment period, usually in May of each year. It will be effective for your premiums for the following July 1st. Download the Spousal Credit form here.

If you have more questions, please contact the Health and Welfare Plan Office.

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