New Wellness Program!

Have you heard about the new wellness program getting started for Local 689 members?

You may be wondering why we are starting to talk more about healthy living on the job. For starters, health in our country is in a rough place. 75% of health care costs go to treat diseases that are preventable. That is a big number, the good news is: we all have the power to change it.

Choosing healthy on a more regular basis is important for disease prevention. It also empowers us to live longer, happier and well-balanced lives! Of course, we understand that healthy is rarely the easiest choice.

Since you spend the majority of your time at work, we want to help. Our goal with the new wellness program is to help make the healthy choice a little bit easier—and more fun!

In the coming weeks, you may see our new wellness program manager, Nichole Weaver, at your work site. The program’s immediate focus is getting out to the various work locations, meeting members of Local 689, establishing site contacts and collecting responses to our confidential health needs and interest surveys. We want to get at least 500 completed!

This survey is important and will help with the planning of our 2015 wellness program offerings. If you see Nichole, say hello and help us meet the goal of 500 completed surveys by taking one yourself.

Surveys must be completed by September 1, 2014. (The survey is now closed.)

We will be starting out slowly and steadily with our wellness program, but here are a few exciting services you can be on the lookout for:

  • Worksite Fitness Classes
  • Wellness Blog on the Website
  • Occasional Chair Massages
  • Physical Activity Challenges

Questions? Contact Nichole Weaver at or call 301-568-2294.

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My girlfriend just had a baby. Can I add the child to our plan?

Yes, as long as the newborn child is your natural child, your legally adopted child, or you are the child’s legal guardian. If your girlfriend is covered under the Plan as your domestic partner, your child may also be added to the Plan. You’ll need to show documents of proof to the Health & Welfare Plan Office. For more information on dependent eligibility, see Eligibility for Your Spouse and Children.

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