Meet Our New Wellness Program Manager!

Nichole Weaver, has joined the staff of the Transit Employees’ Health and Welfare Plan as our new Wellness Program Manager. Native to Maine, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health Education, Nichole is excited to bring over six years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry to the members of Local 689!

Nichole has offered wellness services at:

  • Cianbro: A large construction company based in New England. Nichole was responsible for one-on-one health coaching for over 600 construction workers and their spouses.
  • Texas Instruments: (Yes! The calculator place.) Nichole served as onsite wellness coordinator for a 24-hour operating wafer fab factory with over 500 employees. She also assisted the wellness program manager with special programs such as Weight Watchers, Winter Work-Ins Fitness Program and Got Stress at the corporate level for over 15,000 employees.
  • IDEXX: A growing bio-tech company in Maine, where she most recently managed a brand new 10,000 square-foot corporate fitness center with over 1,100 members.

“I love what I do. Living healthy is something that is a priority in my life not only professionally, but personally. But, I won’t lie: it’s a daily battle to choose healthy. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t. And the good news is each day is a new day—a fresh start!”

Nichole looks forward to meeting and working with the participants of the Transit Employees’ Health and Welfare Plan. If you see her out and about at the various work sites, make sure to say hello or you can reach out to her directly at:

Why Contact Nichole?

  • Help with Health and Wellness Resources
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Stress Management
    • Weight Loss
  • Assistance with a Healthy Challenge for Your Work Group
  • Planning a Health and Wellness Fair
  • Wellness Program Questions or Suggestions
  • Or…Just to Say Hello!

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I am not working. Can I stay on the Plan’s coverage?

If you are not working, but you are still eligible for Plan coverage under the collective bargaining agreement, you may continue your coverage under the Plan by making monthly payments to the Plan during your period(s) of leave. You must notify the Health and Welfare office when you return to work.

If you are out on Workers’ Compensation, you must also make your monthly payments directly to the Health & Welfare Plan because they are not deducted from your paycheck or from your Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Payments are due on the first of the month. It is your responsibility to make your Health & Welfare payments on time. The Plan does not send notices of delinquent payments, nor will it send you a bill. If you do not make your payments on time, your coverage under the Plan will end. Consider permitting the Plan to deduct payments from your bank account. Contact the Plan for more information.

Coverage will retroactively end as of the monthly premium payment due date if the required monthly premium payment is not paid within 30 days from the due date (e.g., if the monthly premium payment for September, which is due on September 1, is not paid by September 30th, coverage would be terminated as of September 1). If coverage is terminated due to non-payment of the required monthly premium payment, you may again become covered (on a prospective basis) by sending in the required monthly premium payment for future coverage. Your coverage will re-start as of the first day of the month following receipt of the required monthly premium payment. You will not be permitted to retroactively reinstate coverage for any period of coverage that terminated due to non-payment of the required monthly premium payment.

If you are on a leave of absence for military duty, you are permitted to continue medical, dental, prescription drug, and vision benefit coverage under this Plan for you and your covered dependents in accordance with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA). Please see the “If You Enter Military Service”  section on the Life Events page for more information.

If your coverage ends due to termination of your employment with METRO, you may be eligible for COBRA for you and your family. Although METRO will notify the Health & Welfare Plan of your termination, you are also encouraged to inform the Health & Welfare Plan to avoid any delay.

If you lose Plan coverage due to the termination of your employment or any other reason, you may want to look into purchasing health coverage through a Health Insurance Marketplace.

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