CareFirst Video Visits

When your primary care provider (PCP) isn’t available and you need urgent care services, CareFirst Video Visit securely connects you with a doctor*, day or night, through your smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition, you can get care for other needs such as behavioral health support from a therapist or psychiatrist, guidance from a certified nutritionist or breastfeeding support from a lactation consultant. It’s a convenient and easy way to get the care you need, wherever you are.

Get treatment for common health issues 24/7

Use Video Visit when you’re facing uncomplicated, non-emergency issues such as allergies, a sinus infection, a cold or the flu and more. Video Visit doctors will provide you a consultation, diagnosis and even prescriptions (when available and appropriate). They are all U.S. board-certified, licensed and credentialed medical professionals.

Schedule visits for additional services

  • Therapy/Psychiatry—Talk with a therapist or psychiatrist for help managing mental health issues including anxiety, depression and grief.
  • Diet/Nutrition—Connect with a registered dietitian to get support with dietary and nutrition needs, from weight loss to food allergies and more.
  • Breastfeeding Support—Speak with a lactation consultant who can advise you on breastfeeding topics like latching issues, milk supply and others.

The cost for Video Visit varies based on your benefits, but your specific cost information will be shown to you before your visit begins. Take advantage of this great benefit and register today.

Register today so you’ll be ready when you need care. Visit or download the CareFirst Video Visit app from your favorite app store.

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I am a rehire. When will my insurance begin?

If you are a METRO employee and a participant in the Plan, but you leave your METRO employment, lose your eligibility for Plan coverage, and then return to work for METRO at a later date, you will be treated a s a new METRO employee.

You will be asked to complete enrollment forms. Before the end of your probation period, you will receive information from the Health & Welfare Plan about the benefit choices available to you. You must return those forms to the Health & Welfare Plan by the date indicated. Full-time employees who do not make a selection will automatically be enrolled for single coverage in the default HMO (Kaiser), and the Cigna Dental HMO.

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