Take Advantage Of This New Health Benefit!

689 Moving Metro is partnering with BurnAlong to help make it easier for you to stay healthy. BurnAlong gives you an easy and motivating way to exercise, no matter where you are. 

This new benefit is available to all Local 689 Union members and completely FREE!

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Get unlimited access to online health, wellness and fitness classes to help you stay motivated! BurnAlong offers classes from 100s of instructors spanning 40+ categories with new daily classes.
How It Works:

Once your BurnAlong account is created, you get access to our entire library of online video health and wellness classes. You can exercise on your own, or with a coworker or friend (who you can see and hear on the screen as well).

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Can Family Join?

Absolutely! You can add up to 4 users. 

  • Simply login to your BurnAlong account

  • Go to "My Profile"

  • Scroll down and "Add Free User"

Where do I sign up? 
Visit https://fit.burnalong.com/local689/ to set up a FREE account and for more information. 
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How can I use my medical coverage outside the United States?

In some cases, your medical coverage can be used for medical care outside of the United States. It is best to contact your medical plan and your prescription plan well in advance of your scheduled travel.

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