Introducing 689 Moving Me: Fitbit Platform

The wait is over! 689 Moving Metro is dedicated to helping you make small changes to become or stay healthy. As part of our ongoing effort to offer you a fun and engaging online platform, have transitioned to a new partnership with Fitbit Health Solutions effective January 2019.  


Our partnership with Fitbit will replaces the Go365 program and the new program is called “ 689 Moving Me." This program will offer more competitions and opportunities to earn more incentives both monthly and quarterly. 

Please see below for FAQ’s related to the change: 


Why did 689 Moving Metro make this change? 

After gathering feedback from our members we decided to make this change to offer a more simplistic physical well-being program. Why Fitbit? Because our members already identify with the Fitbit brand, most of our members already own a Fitbit device and the platform offers the community/social component that Go365 did not offer. 


What will the new program consist of? 

The new program is called 689 Moving Me and will consist of quarterly challenges (both team and individual) to keep our members engaged. 


How do we join 689 Moving Me? 

If you already have a Fitbit device, we only need your email address associated with your account to prompt you to join our dashboard.  


For members who purchase a device through the storefront, you will receive an invite to join the program after you sync your tracker.  


If members do not wish to use a fitness device, they can utilize Fitbit’s mobile app (which uses the members phone sensor to track steps, calories burned, and distance).  Please note:   The app does not track floors, sleep, or active minutes. 


Does the wellness program offer free Fitbit devices? 

The Fitbit Zip device (basic model) is available for only $5.  The program also offers discounts on higher priced models through the storefront. Also, there will be opportunities to earn FREE devices throughout the year.  


Will members still earn health insurance discounts quarterly? 

Absolutely! In fact, we will be increasing the quarterly discount AND members will be able to earn other incentives such as sports tickets, spa retreats, amusement park passes, etc.  


If you have any questions or comments regarding the program, please email the wellness team: or call Wellness Program Manager, Juanita Hawkins, at 202-679-9887. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! 


Thank you for your patience as we continue to bring you the best options for wellness!

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What if I cannot get a birth certificate or other necessary documentation?

For various legitimate reasons, some members may have difficulty providing necessary documentation. In this case, it is important that you apply for coverage within the time periods outlined for each plan. Only then will the merits of your unique situation be considered. Contact the Health and Welfare office for more information.

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