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Welcome to the 689 Moving Metro Wellness Program!  Our goal is to empower Local 689 members and their families by equipping you with the information and tools you need to make small changes moving toward a healthier life. We are based in the Transit Employees Health and Welfare Plan that services the Local 689 Union.

Through 689 Moving Metro, you can have access to:

  • Wellness platform 
  • On-site wellness open house events
  • Fitness classes and activities
  • Nutrition demonstrations
  • Health Assessment
  • Workplace challenges

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Take Control of Your Health with Go365! 

689 Moving Metro is now offering a new comprehensive wellness program to its members (including pre-Medicare retirees). We have officially launched our new partnership with Humana!

The program is comprised of Work & Life Solutions and a Go365 wellness program. This new partnership will expand the services, programs, and resources available to our members to help fulfill the mission of our program.

Learn more about our wellness program or click here to sign up for Go365! You can also call the customer service number for assistance with your account: 1-800-708-1105.

Participation in the 689 Moving Metro wellness program is completely voluntary! We encourage our members to actively seek the resources to enjoy the well-being benefits and help improve your quality of life.                                                           

Questions? Contact the wellness team! Email: wellness@tehw.org  

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My girlfriend just had a baby. Can I add the child to our plan?

Yes, as long as the newborn child is your natural child, your legally adopted child, or you are the child’s legal guardian. If your girlfriend is covered under the Plan as your domestic partner, your child may also be added to the Plan. You’ll need to show documents of proof to the Health & Welfare Plan Office. For more information on dependent eligibility, see Eligibility for Your Spouse and Children.

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