Coronavirus Updates

Updated 1/15/2021

Kaiser Permanente Important COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Updates

Kaiser Permanente received approval to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. As an approved vaccine provider, Kaiser began to receive a limited supply to vaccinate those who qualify in each jurisdiction. Current vaccine supply is limited, and vaccination will happen in phases. Read this update from Kaiser Permanente for more.


OPTUM Rx Update

Recently, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued emergency use authorization (EUA) for coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory committee also officially recommended the vaccines. The vaccine will have a $0 cost share during the emergency health period. See the attached flyer from Optum for more.


News from Kaiser Permanente About the Re-Opening of its Medical Centers (June 5, 2020): Kaiser Permanente is taking steps to resume full medical center operations. KP wants to make sure that you can get the care you need virtually or in-person, if that's what you need. The details of KP's plan to re-open their centers, including information about specific locations, instructions for scheduling appointments, and what to expect if you need to go to a medical center, are in this letter.


Check out our Wellness Events Calendar. We're hosting virtual Wellness Webinars, Facebook Live sessions with Food Jonezi. And when you attend a Wellness Webinar, you can get cash! Check out the calendar to see what's happening and to join us.


Visit the CareFirst Coronavirus Resource Center for Members. CareFirst has lots of helpful and important information and links to recources on its website--and it's updating the page frequently.


News About Kaiser Permanente Facilities. In order to meet the demands of the coronavirus and to keep its patients and staff safe, Kaiser Permanente is temporarily consolidating its medical offices in the Mid-Atlantic region beginning on April 6. See this PDF from Kaiser Permanente with the current list as of April 3. Remember that you can get virtual care from Kaiser Permanente (see below). If you need to go to a Kaiser Permanente facility, call first and go to Kaiser Permanente's website to see what centers are open. 


Go to the Kaiser Permanente Coronavirus Web Page. Kaiser Permanente has lots of helpful and important information and links to recources on its website--and it's updating the page frequently.


Updated 3/26/2020

Plan Office Update

During this outbreak of the coronavirus, the Health & Welfare office staff is working from their homes. We continue to stand ready to serve the needs of our Local 689 members. Our primary contact information remains the same. For more information contact the office:

  • By phone: 301-568-2294
  • By fax: 301-568-7302
  • By email: 

And please continue to check this website for more updates and information.

The best source for information about the coronavirus outbreak is the web site of the  Centers for Disease Control.

Meanwhile, our thoughts are with those who must continue to serve the public transit needs of our community during this difficult time. Be safe.

Resources for Members


In response to this very serious COVID-19 pandemic, 689 Moving Metro is committed to helping our members enhance your self-care and well-being. We want to highlight resources available through the wellness program and/or the healthcare plan. The resources listed below are intended to help with the effects of the various mitigation strategies designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, business closures and stay-at-home policies. Participation is completely voluntary. Additionally, in the weeks ahead we will be offering free webinars on various health and wellness topics. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email the wellness team. We are happy to answer any questions or connect you with resources during these unprecedented times. Please stay safe and healthy.

Staying active @home or @work


Burnalong Logolock Color 1

Get unlimited FREE access to online health, wellness and fitness classes to help you stay motivated! BurnAlong offers classes from hundreds of instructors spanning 40+ categories with new daily classes. Earn discounts on your health insurance for participating in the program.

Once your BurnAlong account is created, you get access to the entire library of online video health and wellness classes. You can exercise on your own, or with a coworker or friend (who you can see and hear on the screen as well).

Click this link to join.

Fitbit Program


Join our Fitbit community to help you track your steps and earn discounts on your health insurance. Additionally, you can earn digital gift cards through the program to your favorite retailers! Get creative with your steps during this time—use the stairs in your house, turn on some music and dance around for 10-minute increments, grab some cans of food and walk around your house, walk your driveway—it all counts!

If you already have a Fitbit device but are not connected to the Moving METRO Fitbit community, send your Fitbit email address to to be added to the program.

Or, if you need to order a device, 689 Moving Metro offers a custom storefront for Local 689 members with significant discounts on devices! Click here to order your device.

Staying Positive

Explore a broad range of self-care resources (free for everyone)—including apps, audio activities, articles and more—designed to help you thrive in mind, body and spirit on the KP website. In addition, we encourage you to:

  • Rest and relax. Periodically focus on taking slow deep breaths to help activate a relaxation response. It’s also important to take regular breaks when you are able.
  • Exercise. Physical activity like brisk walking, standing up and stretching, mixed with periods of relaxation can alleviate physical and emotional stress.
  • Express your feelings to people who are supportive of you: family, friends, colleagues, clergy, your personal physician or mental health provider.
  • Support others who may need to express their feelings to you. Not only will this help them but being of service may help you feel better as well.

Kaiser Permanente Members


Access MyStrength at no extra cost for Mental Health and Wellness digital self-care at their fingertips including specific COVID-19 modules such as:

    • Staying Connected While Social Distancing
    • Parenting in Challenging Times
    • Finding Your Inner Calm in Turbulent Times
    • Keeping Your Relationship Strong During COVID-19

Video Visits

Please remember you can book a video visit for health matters. Video visits are easy, secure, and part of your coordinated care. KP members may schedule video visits by using the App, going online to or by calling the 24/7 Advice line at 800-777-7904. There is no cost for video visits, and you must be registered on to participate in this option.

*The information above was provided by Kaiser Permanente

CareFirst Members

Care Firstlogo

There is no better time to focus on you and your family’s health! In fact, focusing on movement, your mental health, and nutrition can increase your immune system and its response to illness! Check out information about our stress management resource library, a gratitude activity, and additional mental health resources and tips as we navigate a new normal.

Looking for some relaxation & decompression? Check out Sharecare – Inspirations!

    • Inspirations is packed with meditations, yoga, sleep sounds, and relaxing video streaming right on your phone. You can even connect to AirPlay via Apple TV (perfect for while the kids are home & doing school activities).
    • Participate in a two-minute breathing exercise video with your kids or wake up with a relaxing yoga session or meditation to start your day off on the right foot.
    • Be sure to register for Sharecare to check it out!

Video Visits


You can speak to a physician without leaving your home for general health needs. Visit or download the Carefirst video visit app from your favorite app store. Additionally, you can speak to a therapist for help with managing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, etc. Or, you can connect with a Registered Dietician to get support with your nutritional needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all co-pays and fees will be waived for video visits.

Tips for Parents & Distance Learning Stress

    • Keep a daily routine for you and your children, that includes reasonable wake up and bed times, require getting dressed for the day, and develop a schedule for activities on a white board or notebook so kids know what to expect.
    • If kids are getting rambunctious, take recess breaks to get outside, encourage quiet activity time by turning the lights down and having children work on an individual activity online or a simple art activity that can keep them occupied
    • Check out the BurnAlong platform for free videos on mindfulness, fitness, etc., for kids:
    • Check out the Today Show segment that hosted educators providing tips, tricks and resources!
    • Additional tips for parents who are working with children from home can be found here and learning resources for different grade levels can be found here.

*The information above was provided by CareFirst

Mental Health Moment


Gratitude is the Attitude

  • It can be easy to focus on negatives when things are out of control or not going well, but even five minutes of gratitude practice into you day can change your mindset! Regular expression of gratitude can lower stress and improve your immune system!
  • Activity:Have you and your family write down three things they are thankful for and share it amongst each other during breakfast before the day starts! Or simply create a gratitude journal and jot down a few things that you are truly thankful for that day–stick with it for two weeks, just maybe it will become a new habit!

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services & Locators

Moving Metro: Work & Life Solutions program can connect you with emotional well-being resources.

Call 866-440-6556 (TTY: 711) or log on to (Username: TEHW; Password: 689MovingMetro).

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Do my spouse and I need to sign up for Medicare?

When you or your spouse becomes eligible for Medi­care, you should enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. For most people, enrollment in Medicare Part A is automatic (there is no premium) when you start receiving benefits from Social Security. You should sign up for Medicare Part B with the Social Security office three months before turning 65. Your monthly premium to Medicare for Part B will be deducted from your Social Security check.

When you become eligible, you are not required to enroll in Medicare Part B, but benefits will be paid by the Plan as if you are enrolled. This means that, if you do not enroll, you or your spouse will have higher expenses because you will be responsible for paying for the benefits Medicare Part B would have covered. After you submit evidence of your Part B enrollment for yourself or your dependent, your HEALTH & WELFARE Plan premium will be reduced. For more information, visit the "If You Become Eligible for Medicare" section on the Life Events page.

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