Members' Responsibility for Health Premium Payments to the Health and Welfare Plan

The language below is taken from Appendix B, Section 2 (i) of the agreement between the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and Local 689 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, AFL-CIO.


In cases where members' contributions shall be made by means other than payroll deductions, such contributions shall be due as of the first day of the month for which coverage is provided (e.g., member contributions for September coverage would be due on September 1). Coverage as to any member with respect to any contributory benefit shall retroactively cease as of the contribution due date if the required contribution is not paid within thirty (30) days from the contribution due date (e.g., if the contribution for September, which is due on September 1, is not paid by September 30th, the member's coverage would be terminated as of September 1).

If the coverage of a member is terminated due to non-payment of the required member contribution, such member may again become covered by the Fund for contributory benefits (on a prospective basis) by a remitting the required contribution for such future coverage. Coverage for such contributory benefits will re-commence as of the first day of the month following receipt of the required contribution by such member. (However, a member will not be permitted to retroactively reinstate coverage for any period of coverage that terminated due to non-payment of the required contribution.)

In the event a member fails to make a required contribution, and coverage is terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Plan (the member shall remain eligible for any non-contributory benefit to which the member is otherwise entitled under the terms of the Plan. A member who ceases to be eligible for contributory benefits shall be placed in a coverage category that is limited to the non-contributory benefits to which the member is otherwise entitled (e.g., during any period that life insurance is provided on a non-contributory basis, "life only coverage"). A member for whom coverage has been terminated due to non-payment shall not be eligible for or entitled to receive any contributory benefit with respect to the non-payment period.

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My girlfriend just had a baby. Can I add the child to our plan?

Yes, as long as the newborn child is your natural child, your legally adopted child, or you are the child’s legal guardian. If your girlfriend is covered under the Plan as your domestic partner, your child may also be added to the Plan. You’ll need to show documents of proof to the Health & Welfare Plan Office. For more information on dependent eligibility, see Eligibility for Your Spouse and Children.

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