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Open Enrollment for 2020 Coverage: Monday, November 4, 2019 to Friday, November 22, 2019

Additional services have been added to the MetLife Insurance! See the changes here. 

During the Open Enrollment period, you have an opportunity to:

  • Review your current benefit choices and make appropriate changes;
  • Enroll or disenroll dependents
  • Renew a prior Opt-Out election or Opt-Out of the benefit program for the first time;
  • Elect additional supplemental life insurance;
  • Enroll a domestic partner.

If you change your benefit choices, your actions will be effective January 1, 2020. Your next chance to change your benefit plan will be in the fall of 2020 for coverage effective January 1, 2021, unless you experience a qualified life event. 

You don't need to take any action if . . .

  • you want to keep your same medical/vision and dental coverage
  • you do not want to add or change dependents

If you had previously Opted Out, you must renew your opt out election or you will be returned to your previous coverage or a default coverage. 

Learn more about the Spousal Opt Out Credit.

You can use the Forms and Documents link to download forms and complete during Open Enrollment to: 

  • To change your benefit selection
  • To renew your or enroll in your opt-out election
  • To enroll or disenroll a dependent
  • To change your beneficiary

Representatives from National Group Protection (NGP) will be at various ATU Local 689 jobsites during Open Enrollment. You can get your questions answered so you can make your Supplemental Life Insurance elections during Open Enrollment. Check out the new schedule soon here. This page will continue to be updated during the Open Enrollment period.

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I got hurt on the job, but Workers’ Compensation is not paying me. Can I get disability benefits?

If you suffer a work-related injury, you are not eligible for short-term disability benefits. However, if you suffer a work-related injury and are denied Workers’ Compensation, you are eligible to apply for the Weekly Disability Subrogation Agreement. You can also apply for long-term disability benefits six months after your injury. For more information, see the "If You Become Disabled" section on the Life Events page.

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