CareFirst Offers Electronic EOBs

Every time you see your doctor or visit a hospital/clinic, you receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) in the mail. The EOB is a summary of the procedures you received and the cost of those procedures. (Note: The EOB is not a bill; it does not require any action from you.)

CareFirst has created an easy-to-understand electronic version of its EOBs. With online EOBs, you no longer need to wait for this document to be created and mailed to you.

Why switch to online EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)?

The online EOB:

  • Is easier to read and understand.
  • Is easier to manage. Keep everything in "My Account" or download your information and save to your personal online files or print and file the claims paperwork.
  • Is quicker. Receive an email notification as soon as your electronic EOBs are ready.
  • Is there when you need it.
  • Is safe and secure.
  • Reduces paper waste and clutter.

Signing up is simple, secure, and only takes a few minutes.

  • Create your online profile using "My Account" – CareFirst’s secure website where you can view recent claims, print your ID card, and verify your benefits. (If you already have a "My Account" profile you can skip this step.)
  • Once in "My Account," you will be prompted to elect to receive electronic communications from CareFirst. Select the option to get your EOB online. You will begin to receive email notifications every time an EOB is generated.

Sign up today at, or contact CareFirst or the Plan Office to learn more.

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Who do I call if I want to change doctors?

To change doctors you should call your health care provider (e.g., CareFirst, Kaiser etc.) or visit them online.

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