Supplemental Benefits Enrollment

Representatives from National Group Protection (NGP) will be at various ATU Local 689 jobsites during Open Enrollment.

Come get your questions answered so you can make your Supplemental Life Insurance elections during Open Enrollment.

Supplemental Benefits Enrollment Schedule


 Enrollment Dates 

 Western Bus 

 October 29—November 2 


 October 29—November 2 

 Carmen Turner  

 October 29--30 

 Four Mile Run 

 October 29—30  

 West Falls Church Yard 

 October 31—November 2 

 West Ox  

 October 31—November 2 

 Prince George Plaza 

 November 5 

 Alexandria Yard/Telegraph Rd 

 November 5--9 

 Northern Bus Facility  

 November 5--7 

 Montgomery Bus 

 November 5--7 

 L’Enfant Plaza  

 November 6 


 November 5--6 


 November 7--9 


 November 7--9 

 New Carrolton 

 November 8--9 

 Shady Grove  

 November 8--9 

 Southern Bus 

 November 12--13 

 Shepherd Parkway 

 November 14—16  


Please call NGP with any enrollment questions.

National Group Protection (NGP)

1445 Greenbrier Place | Charlottesville, VA 22901 | (800) 344-9016

Please call NGP with any enrollment questions: (800) 344-9016.

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I have other medical coverage. Can I select dental only coverage?

No. Medical and dental coverage are offered together. You must elect a medical plan and dental plan or opt out of both medical and dental coverage.

On the other hand, retirees can elect medical and dental coverage together, or just medical coverage.

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